Oscar SoundTech is a US company. We
design and manufacture state of the art
Omni-Directional  lavalier condenser microphones.
Our microphones are the finest in the world. The
size is very small that it is practically invisible.

Our lavalier condenser microphones meet the most
demanding requirements of sound recording and
sound reinforcement. They are compatible to all
popular wireless systems: Lectrosonic, Sony,  
Shure , Sennheiser and all other manufacturers
can be made with a special order. The frequency
response is from 20 to 16000 Hertz. The extended
frequency response range and the omni-directional
pick up pattern with extremely low distortion make
them ideal for TV, broadcast, public speaking,
theater and film production. Microphones are
available in black, white, grey and tan colors.

Our power supply is designed for use with our
microphones and all other popular lavalier
microphones. This high quality, EMI shielded
power supply provides powering from external
phantom powering.  It has a standard XLR 3-pin
connector output.

We also have a broad range of accessories to
meet all kinds of mounting needs - Single and
Double Tie Clips, Cable Clip, Dracular Clip and
Magnetic Mic Holder.

All Oscar SoundTech microphones are warranted
to the original purchaser to be free from defects for
one year from the date of purchase. Please contact
us at sales@oscarsoundtech.com for any
comments or inquiries.

Company News
The movie Overcomer, new Kendrick Brothers
release; Sony releasing. The lav mics used in the film
were exclusively the TL-40s.
Oscar SoundTech
TL-40 yyyy
Power supply-XLR